The MCS500 is the world’s most compact and most precise SCARA robot system. Designed for straightforward integration, the new MCS500 immediately delivers maximum efficiency and precision at low cost.


  • Ultra compact – controller embedded into the base
  • Extra small – requires smaller footprint than comparable market options
  • Highly precise – 0.005mm repeatability
  • Energy efficient – consumes around 100W
  • Easy to integrate – can be mounted upside down





Boasting rapid cycle times and versatile mounting options, the MCS500 emerges as the go-to solution for an array of applications, spanning pick and place, assembly, lab automation, and beyond. What sets this robust robot apart is its unparalleled blend of simplicity, precision, and high-performance capabilities, all at a notably reduced overall cost compared to competing models. In essence, the MCS500 redefines industry standards by delivering optimal functionality with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness.



Arm reach









It supports many programming languages of your choice such as Java, C#, C++ and Python. Most PLCs, including Siemens, Allen Bradley and Omron can also control the robot using either Ladder or Structured Text.


Check it out in our short action videos. MicroDash MCS500