All-in-one vision system solves all your vision needs.

High speed, high resolution, high flexibility. The In-Sight 3800 has it all.

The In-Sight 3800 helps you lead with speed across all industries by automating a wide range of inspection applications, at the fastest speeds. With modular hardware and an extensive tool set, the In-Sight 3800 offers an industry-agnostic solution that allows you to maximize throughput and improve the accuracy of your results, regardless of the task at hand.

Run more inspections in less time
Maximize throughput with high-speed processing and quick setup

Improve the accuracy of your results
Generate high-contrast, high-resolution images that detect even the most subtle defects

Seamlessly scale your solution
Solve jobs, from easy to complex, using a common software platform

Just a few of the applications the In-Sight 3800 could be involved in:

Automotive and EV

Spark Plug Gauging

Measure the distance between components to verify full assembly and prevent rework further downstream.

EV Battery Pouch Inspection

Identify surface-level defects, such as scratches, dents and tears and generate pass/fail results.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Detergent Bottle Label Reading

Easily handle product changeovers by deciphering lot codes against backgrounds of different colours.

Robotic Guidance for Pick and Place

Guide robotic arms to pick and place assembled products into bins for final routing.


Cable Pin Count

Count components to verify completeness and ensure proper functionality.

Printed Circuit Board Classification

Extract different regions on a PCB and classify them to verify correct assembly.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device

Medical Device Code Reading and Text Recognition

Read 2D codes and lot numbers at the same time, to properly route components.

Vaccine Label Inspection

Perform on-line verification at high speeds to ensure product efficacy and meet regulatory compliance.

Food and Beverage

Barcode Reading on Bottles

Read barcodes, even on curved surfaces to ensure proper traceability.

Food Uniformity Inspection

Ensure shape uniformity of products moving down the line.

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