Acrovision Training Modules

Acrovision Training Modules

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Acrovision are proud to offer technical training modules that can be tailored to your training requirements! We have a variety of sophisticated customer training programs to augment our customer’s knowledge on our products and services. Not only do our courses enable customers to understand how to use their systems, but will also show them how to get added value from a product or service.
Our training modules are designed to raise customer experience by engaging with our products and service, with less frustration, to become long term users.




Each module will have an allocated number of hours, so that you can select the module options according to the amount of days training you want.
From machine vision, first line support and maintenance training to guidance on all Cognex products and software.
We currently offer 14 training modules, that you can pick and match, depending on your requirements and level of experience – from beginners to advanced – to your very own tailored training course!
You can see below the modules we are currently offering:
Introduction to Industrial Machine Vision

  • First Line Support & Maintenance of Cognex Cameras
  • Cognex Hardware Overview
  • Cognex Easybuilder for Beginners
  • Cognex Easybuilder for Advanced
  • Cognex Vision Pro
  • Cognex Spreadsheet for Beginners
  • Cognex Spreadsheet for Advanced
  • Cognex DataMan for Beginners
  • Cognex DataMan for Advanced
  • 3D Training
  • Customer Application Training
  • Introduction to CoBots
  • Introduction to Pick-it 3D

Maximise your vision potential and attend one or more of our training courses

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