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Acrovision are experts in the world of industrial vision inspection systems. We are able to assist in pre-sales consultancy to advise how best to overcome a particular Inspection / Guidance / Measurement or Identification task. Typically, there are three main types of vision systems: smart cameras, compact vision systems and PC-based systems.

We can then recommend the most robust and cost-effective solution to meet the challenge. We partner closely with Cognex – the World’s leading Camera Vision Systems supplier to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions. Acrovision /Cognex were also named as a top 10 machine vision technology provider by the magazine Vision Systems.

Industries we cater for include Automotive, Food, Drink and Tobacco and Pharmaceutical / Medical.

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Cognex In-Sight® vision inspection systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image Cognex Vision Inspection Systemsacquisition and processing. Best of all, configuring and deploying an In-Sight vision system has never been easier.

Vision Inspection Camera

Simple-to-follow EasyBuilder® configuration software helps users of all experience levels to quickly setup their entire In-Sight application—no programming or spreadsheet knowledge required.

The VisionView® operator display panel provides a “plug-and-go” solution for monitoring the run-time operation of any In-Sight vision system on the network. The Cognex Connect™ suite of communications capabilities ensures that In-Sight vision systems easily integrate with any factory network or automation control system.

Available in a wide range of models to meet any price and performance requirement, In-Sight vision systems set the standard for automated inspection and product quality assurance across a wide range of industries.

In-Sight Micro Series The world’s smallest all-in-one vision systems also deliver world-class performance. These ultra-compact vision systems are ideal for robot guidance applications or anywhere mounting space is tight. In-Sight Micro Series models are available in a range of performance levels and tool sets to allow you to match the right model to your needs.

In-Sight 5000 Series The unprecedented vision power and extreme ruggedness of the best-selling In-Sight 5000 Series is helping thousands of manufacturers around the world improve productivity, ensure product quality and lower manufacturing costs. And with more than a dozen In-Sight 5000 Series models to choose from, there’s one just right for your application.

In-Sight Laser ProfilersVision Inspection Company – The In-Sight laser profiler is a measurement system used to verify that a part’s dimensions meet specifications. The In-Sight laser profiler is configured using the EasyBuilder® user interface. This intuitive, easy-to-use software makes it simple to develop. deploy and support high accuracy measurements on the factory floor.

3D Vision Systems– The system provides a topographical representation of the 3D features relative to any surface. The laser displacement sensors are factory calibrated to deliver results in real units of measurement with micron-level accuracy. Combines 3D sensors and 2D cameras with powerful vision tools including measurement, OCR, barcode and pattern matching.