Easybuilder Software

The In-Sight® Explorer EasyBuilder® interface walks you through the process of setting up your vision application, step by step. Great for novice users, the application is deployed and running in a very short time. EasyBuilder doesn’t require users to learn programming, enabling them to focus on what’s most familiar … the part!

Intuitive, Easy to Use
Working from an image of the part, four simple steps complete the application setup:

1. Start – Find an In-Sight® vision system on the network, then be guided through triggering the vision system and setting up scale and nonlinear calibrations.

2. Set up tools – After finding the part, a library of more than 22 vision tools is available to inspect the part. The most powerful vision tools available are now made easy to use.

3. Configure – A new point-and-click communications setup provides easy selection of data to be sent, and the protocol to use for communicating to a PLC, robot, or HMI for data collection and archiving results.

4. Finish – In the deployment mode, colorful tool graphics, a results table, and a filmstrip control to review images simplify troubleshooting the application and identifying bad parts.

That’s all it takes to complete an application! In a fraction of the time that you would normally spend learning how to set up a vision system, you can have your entire solution configured, deployed, and productive.


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