Cognex In-Sight Micro 8000 Series Vision Systems

The Cognex In-Sight Micro 8000 – ultra-compact, standalone vision systems

Image of Cognex In-Sight 8000 colour and grayscaleThe In-Sight Micro 8000 series, a family of ultra-compact, standalone smart camera vision systems, delivers industry-leading vision tool performance at PC speeds, all in a compact size, that fits just about anywhere.

The In-Sight 8000 Series (models 8200, 8400, 8401, 8402, 8405) offers vision tools that are optimised to run at high speed. This includes PatMax RedLine pattern matching, image processing, advanced defect detection, ID (1-D, 2-D and OCR) as well as the foundation tools like blob, edge, histogram and non-linear calibration.

Colour versions have also been released, the new IP67-rated 8000 colour vision systems (models 8200C, 8400C, 8401C, 8402C) deliver the same breakthrough in flexibility and performance as the monochrome models with speed optimised colour tools.

Cognex In-Sight Micro 8000 Series Features

  • World’s smallest, full line, standalone vision system available in VGA, 1MP, 2MP and 5MP resolutions
  • Powerful vision tool library including new PatMax RedLine™
  • Step by step application setup with EasyBuilder, and flexibility of added control with spreadsheet and scripting
  • High Speed communication with Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fast acquisition VGA, 1MP and 2MP cameras

Compact vision system fits just about anywhereIn-Sight Cognex Micro 8000 Series

In-Sight Micro 8000 series compresses an entire stand-alone vision system into an amazingly small package. Its compact size, together with Power over Ethernet (PoE) to minimise cabling makes the In-Sight 8000 vision system family ideal for integrating into tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery anywhere on the production line.

PatMax RedLine

PatMax RedLine was designed with one goal in mind: super fast pattern matching. In typical applications, PatMax RedLine runs 4 to 7 times faster than PatMax – or faster! – with no loss of search accuracy or robustness. Together with PatMax RedLine, the 8000 series can reduce cycle times and increase throughput without compromising inspection accuracy.

Flexible and easy integration

Like all In-Sight vision systems, the In-Sight 8000 uses series are conveniently set up with the In-Sight Explorer software. In-Sight Explorer combines the guided step by step set up of EasyBuilder with the additional power and flexibility of the spreadsheet for greater control and customising of application data.

Cognex In-Sight 8000

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In-Sight Micro 8000 Series Models

High resolution applications

When large parts need to be inspected for small defects or precise measurements, turn to the high resolution models for greater accuracy.
Models: 8405 (5MP) , 8402 (2MP), 8401 (1MP)

Standard resolution applications

Offering a range of performance choices, the In-Sight Micro models handle even the highest speed manufacturing lines in the smallest vision system footprint available.
Models: 8200 (VGA), 8400 (VGA)

Colour applications

If colour is a factor, choose a model with the powerful ExtractColour tool to inspect color features of a part and the robust MatchColour tool to recognize parts based on their colour.
Models: 8200C, 8400C, 8401C, 8402C

Barcode reading and OCR applications

These ID models offer unmatched identification software tools for reading and verifying 1-D and 2-D codes (IDMax) as well as human readable text (OCRMax).
Models: 8405, 8402, 8401, 8400, 8200

Cognex In-Sight 8000 Series Models

  • In-Sight 8200     60 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8200C      135 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     VGA = 640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8400     200 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8400C     135 Image Capture Rate (FPS)    VGA = 640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8401     70 Image Capture Rate (FPS)    1280 x 1024 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8401C     45 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     1.3MP = 1280 x 1024 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8402     53 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     1600 x 1200 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8402C      33 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     2MP = 1600 x 1200 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 8405     10 Image Capture Rate (FPS)     2592 x 1944 Resolution (in pixels)


Image of Cognex In-Sight Specification 8200 8400 8401 8402 8405







Colour Specifications

Image of 8200C 8400C 8401C 8402C

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