Doosan Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots from Doosan Robotics

Acrovision is an agent for Doosan Robotics, part of the Doosan Group, and supplies its range of advanced, high-performance collaborative robots into the UK and Ireland.

There are four different collaborative robots (cobots) in the range.

These cobots are versatile, easy-to-install and use, incredibly safe and competitively-priced. Cobots are designed to perform a range of tasks that include CNC machine tool tending, testing and inspection – through to packaging, palletising, assembly and ‘pick and place’ operations.

All cobots are equipped with 6-axis articulated arms with highly-sensitive torque sensors that detect changes in force and pressure, which causes them to stop.

As well as different capacity (payload and reach radius) arms – all cobots are supplied with a state-of-the-art controller, a sophisticated Teaching Pendant and a number of options that include a dress pack, a water jacket and a mobile base unit.

The Doosan M-series of industrial collaborative robots (cobots) are simple, smart and safe robots that work alongside operators without safety fencing and guarding.

Masterpiece M-Series

M0609 Doosan Collaborative Robot M1509 Collaborative Robot M1013 Collaborative RobotM0617 Collaborative Robot

M0609: 6kg payload; 0.9metre reach radius

M1509: 15kg payload; 0.9metre reach radius

M1013: 10kg payload; 1.3metre reach radius

M0617: 6kg payload; 1.7metre reach radius

The M0609 has a 6kg payload capacity and a 0.9metre reach radius, and is designed to perform quick, repetitive tasks in small confined areas.
The M0617 has a 6kg payload capacity and the industry’s largest reach radius at 1.7metres.
The multi-purpose M1013 has a 10kg payload capacity and a 1.3metre reach radius, and is designed for a wide range of operations.
The M1509 cobot has the industry’s largest payload capacity of 15kg and a 0.9metre reach radius. It is designed for performing heavier pick and place, assembly and tending operations.

Almighty A-Series

A0509 Doosan Collaborative RobotA0912 Doosan Collaborative Robot
A0509: 5kg payload; 900mm reach radiusA0912: 9kg payload; 1200mm reach radius
The A0509 and A0509s has a 5kg payload capacity and a 0.9metre reach radius, and  ±0.03mm repeatability.
The A0912 and A0912s has a 9kg payload capacity and a 1.2metre reach radius, and  ±0.05mm repeatability.

High Power H-Series

h2017 Doosan Collaborative Roboth2515 doosan collaborative robot
H2017: 20kg payload; 1700mm reach radiusH2515: 25kg payload; 1500mm reach radius
The H2017 has a 20kg payload capacity and a 1.7metre reach radius, and  ±0.01mm repeatability.
The H2515 has a 25kg payload capacity and a 1.5metre reach radius, and  ±0.01mm repeatability.




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