Integrated 100% checks of barcodes, font, patterns and packaging quality

Validator 300 Label Inspection System

Validator 300

The Validator 300 Label Inspection System can be either stand-alone or be integrated to the host system. This system can check barcodes, font, patterns and packaging quality. Examples include checking bottle tops, fill levels and correct labeling / packaging. Products can be selected from a central database, it’s easy to configure and use and like the Validator 200, multiple lines can be networked together.

To enhance the solution provided, in addition to the monitoring and reporting, Acrovision can also provide modular conveying systems, stainless steel enclosures, audit and performance logs, visual and audible indicators as well as reject mechanisms.

The Validator 300 can guarantee you 8 things:

  1. Either stand-alone or integrated to a host system
  2. Select products from a central database
  3. Multiple password use levels
  4. Easy to configure and use
  5. User interface for live-image feedback / job selection
  6. Provides no read / wrong read outputs
  7. Easy creation of new product templates
  8. Multiple lines can be networked together


Validator 300 Features

    • Has simple creation of new templates
    • Can select products from Database
    • Has live image of Good and Bad Items
    • Has a no read / wrong read output
    • Has a log of no-read images
    • Has multiple user levels
    • Has on-screen statistics


Validator 300 Video

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