Validator 200

The Validator 200 Label Inspection System is a complete stand-alone system that is easy to configure and use. This system can check characters and patterns, sell-by-dates, use-by-dates and validate correct promotion labels. It also has the ability for multiple lines to be networked together. It can look for multiple different inspections on one or more labels and hold multiple different jobs internally, without the need to link it to the customers host network. As the Validator 200 does not us a PC, it is extremely cost-effective and is the perfect solution for food and drink manufacturers to avoid any Emergency Product Withdrawals!

A front-end is used to see live images and statistics, as well as being used to call up new job-runs and create / edit new label templates.


To enhance the solution provided, as well as the monitoring and reporting, Acrovision can also provide modular conveying systems, stainless steel enclosures, audit and performance logs, visual and audible indicators, and reject mechanisms.

The Validator 200 can guarantee you 7 things:

  1. Completely stand-alone – No PC needed
  2. Up to 7 different inspections per job
  3. Easy to configure and use
  4. User interface for live-image feedback / job selection
  5. Provides no read / wrong read outputs
  6. Easy creation of new product templates
  7. Multiple lines can be networked together