AcroLogisitcs launches the unique

RFID Reading Trunk

A new RFID Trunk developed by automated product identification specialist Acrologistics enables logistics contractors and retailers alike to increase efficiency while ensuring complete quality control. In high-pressure distribution and retail environments, checking incoming and outgoing stock is a vital step when it comes to streamlining operations. This is where the RFID trunk will help. 

The RFID reading trunk is fast, easy and 100% accurate. Adapted from a standard site-secure trunk designed for pallet truck handling in warehouse environments, the new RFID Trunk is essentially a Faraday cage.

The steel housing with an additional 10mm thick acrylic lining all around the inside of the trunk ensures that only RFID tags within the trunk are registered – and that the RFID signal bounces around internally making sure every single RFID tag is read.

This ensures 100% accuracy every time – a key benefit that will be hugely valuable to all operators.

A single manual operator simply places the tote centrally within the RFID Trunk and closes the lid. This activates a barcode scan of the tote to record its presence and the required contents, and triggers all-round internal scanning by an array of embedded RFID antennas and readers. When the process is completed by the capture of all the RFID tags in the trunk, the operator is alerted.

A display screen informs them how many RFID tags the trunk has read and how many it should have read. They can then press a button to print confirmation that the tote has been checked and its contents are all correct – or that it has a missing item or contains an item that it shouldn’t. The operator attaches this printed record to the tote, removes it from the trunk and immediately moves on to process the next tote in the line.

Save Time and Effort While Increasing Productivity:

For quality assurance and supply chain auditing purposes, logistics contractors are typically asked by clothing retail clients to commit to properly checking between 2% and 5% of all totes or boxes handled. In a busy fulfilment centre, this would ordinarily equate to warehouse operators checking around 250 totes every hour – a level that invariably calls for the employment of multiple handlers.

Meanwhile, the 100% accuracy of all RFID tag reads ensures the quality and security of its supply chain services at all times.