AUBO Robotics named as an IDC Innovator

The International Data Corporation recently published a report (in January 2019) on IDC Innovators, profiling four companies developing collaborative robots, aka CoBots, to help drive the integration of collaborative robotic automation within industries. Not only will this elevate the competitiveness of end user companies but will also provide significant growth in most markets. One of the companies to receive this recognition was our partner, AUBO Robotics.

The AUBO Collaborative Robots have the potential to improve warehousing and order fulfillment and have the potential to offer promising logistical solutions within the industry. As technology matures and with the growing accumulation of applications, we will soon see collaborative robots taking centre stage within most industrial, logistical and technological organisations.

AUBO Robotics has developed several cobot models featuring high repeatability, open architecture and modular joint design, where users can customise the number of joints and even the length between the joints to meet bespoke application requirements. These collaborative robots can be used as stand alone system or integrated within machine vision systems by navigating safely around humans, sharing common transit paths and collaborating with other robots.

Collaborative robots are no longer a science fiction but instead are now making automation even more intelligent by being able to conduct a range of various tasks – such as pick and place, machine tending, packaging and many more.

All advances within artificial intelligence, machine vision and sensors, plus the growing intelligence of automation has led to the creation of these robots to offer industries on a global scale a huge return on investment due to a quicker turnaround of goods, as well as increased accuracy and efficiency.

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