AcroLogisitcs are pleased to announce their Aframe multisided barcode reading tunnel. In the logistics industry, parcel tracking is traditionally performed by operators with handheld barcode readers. The Operators often have to orientate the package in order to be able to find the label and read the barcode. This manual work is time consuming, and with parcels of all shapes and sizes the rotating of the package can be difficult. AcroLogistics Aframe will assist in automating this process.

Depending on the application requirements, AcroLogistics have provided solutions for all requirements from single sided to full 6-sided barcode reading tunnels.

Conveyor belts move the goods through an array of barcode imagers that are configured to read the barcode on any possible face of all the different sized products.

Once read, the barcode data is sent to the customers host system in order to provide traceability information about the movement of the product.

AcroLogistics’ Aframe uses the latest in barcode imager technology from Zebra providing optimum read-rates of the packages barcode, wherever the label is positioned, and regardless of which way the product is facing.

The Zebra barcode imagers are solid state cameras, and therefore have no moving parts, reducing potential repair and maintenance costs.

Overall, AcroLogistics Aframe provides any logistics organisation a cost-effective method of saving labour costs and improving throughput, efficiency and ultimately profitability.