Fixed position barcode readersOur many years experience in fixed mount, or fixed position, barcode readers and scanners allows us to offer the expertise in supplying the right equipment for the right job. Whether it is a straight forward “Presentation” requirement or a complex high-speed, in-line application, we have the knowledge to assist.

We offer both line scanners for 1D applications plus Imager based readers for reading 2D barcodes and / or 1D barcodes omnidirectionally.

We also offer advice and supply of readers that read Directly Part Marked (DPM) codes that have been either laser-etched or dot-peened directly to a product.

We have listed below some of the manufacturers / products we currently offer.

Also see Handheld Barcode Readers

Barcode Readers Guide (Cognex Fixed-Mount and Handheld Barcode Readers Guide)