Manifest Verification

Validate incoming goods against the supplier’s manifest

Retail distributors and fulfillment centers seek greater traceability in the supply chain. It is important to know what they are receiving is what was ordered. Part of this process is to verify the received goods match the suppliers’ manifest. This goes beyond the barcode label. Physical attributes, such as dimensions and weight, are on the manifest to provide additional check points for traceability and inventory management. Traditional ways to address this issue is manual inspection or assume what is on the barcode is correct. Any errors must be reworked manually, which slows down overall efficiency, adds cost to the process, and can create inaccurate inventory levels.

The Cognex 3D-A1000 dimensioning system, a compact 3D + 2D smart camera that delivers precise dimensional measurements at high speeds. It helps automate manifest verification which increases traceability, increases data accuracy, and lowers the overall cost of operations. Using patented technology and advanced inspection capabilities, this powerful, yet easy-to-use system provides accurate dimensioning data without any complicated setup or maintenance. Using the 3D-A1000, distribution, fulfillment, and parcel processing organizations can perform static (manual) or dynamic (tunnel) dimensioning as part of the manifest verification process.