3D-A1000 Dimensioning System

3D-A1000 Features

The 3D-A1000 dimensioning system is a compact and industrial smart camera, capable of capturing moving objects in both 3D and 2D. The system is equipped with powerful vision-based tools that automate tasks like container fill measurement, damage detection, feature finding and more. The 3D-A1000 provides fast, reliable results without any complicated setup or maintenance, allowing logistics facilities of any size to:

  • Estimate shipping costs
  • Optimize storage density
  • Track registered goods
  • Sort products efficiently
  • Recover lost revenue
  • Eliminate manual processes

Innovative 3D and 2D technology for powerful inspections

Unlike conventional methods, the 3D-A1000 uses patented 3D symbolic light technology to freeze motion with a single image. This generates more accurate 3D point cloud data, eliminating the need for complex calibration and encoder integration. Embedded processing enables use of powerful Cognex vision tools to run additional 3D + 2D inspections.

Elevate dimensioning with the 3D-A1000 Multi-Head Dimensioning System

The 3D-A1000 Multi-Head Dimensioning System captures more angles and perspectives for greater dimensioning capabilities. Using multiple devices, this fully configurable system offers expanded coverage to create a comprehensive, multi-perspective view. This adaptable solution is easy to set up and allows users to quickly and accurately dimension items at smaller gaps and faster belt speeds

Powerful and compact turnkey system

Plug and play factory-calibrated system technology

3D point cloud profile data, calibrated to 2D image data

<5mm (0.2″) dimensional accuracy on cuboidal and irregular objects

Instant in-motion snapshot technology (no encoder required)

Add powerful Cognex vision tools to run additional 3D + 2D inspections

Unaffected by uneven transitions, speed changes or curved conveyance

Superior performance on difficult target surfaces

Application assistance and performance feedback

Seamless barcode tunnel integration with DataMan Multi-Reader Sync

Out of the box ready with easy integration and maintenance

The 3D-A1000 is factory calibrated and ready for system integration immediately. Unlike conventional systems that can take a skilled engineer 3 to 6 hours to install and calibrate, the 3D-A1000 can be installed by anyone in under 15 minutes, using an intuitive setup wizard.

Step 1

Connect without the hassle of software downloads and installation procedures.

Step 2

Intuitive wizard simulates the installation environment to assist with mounting and optimization.

Step 3

In under 15 minutes, the system is ready to run and auto-certify with performance analysis tools.

Step 4

Once installed, continued feedback provides statistical insight into production and processes for data-driven optimization.