Laser Markers

A full range of Laser Markers for every application and material

We are able to assist with a comprehensive product range of Datalogic Laser Markers. Providing marking solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Semiconductor, Plastic and Polymer Processing, Watches and Jewelry, Metal Tooling, Medical Device and Packaging industries.

Laser marking products are offered in the three main laser technologies: Fibre, DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) and CO2 and cover a wide range of applications on almost any material where there is a need for permanent marking.

The Lighter Suite laser marking software is the unique marking software for all the laser marking products. It is easy to integrate and its setup, control and diagnostic tools make it a complete, flexible and easy to user laser marking control system.


Image of Laser Markers - UNIQ

Image of Laser Markers - AREX Series

 UNIQ – ultra compact and flexible, all in one fibre laser marker

 AREX Series – fibre laser marker, first choice for metal marking

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 Image of Laser Markers - ULYXE Family

 Image of Laser Markers - V-Lase

ULYXE FAMILY – the first ultra-compact solid state laser marker on the market

 VLASE – high peak power laser markers for thermoplastic materials and resin

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 Image of Laser Markers - EOX

Image of Lighter Suite - laser markers software

 EOX – general purpose CO2 laser markers for paper, cartons and organic materials

 LIGHTER SUITE – the complete sofware solution for all your laser marking needs

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