Collaborative Robots

Acrovision has evolved its product offering of automation solutions to include collaborative and ‘safe by design’ robots

More information on the Aubo-i5 Collaborative Robot

Meca500 6 axis industrial robot arm

More information on the ‘safe by design’ Meca500 Ultracompact robot arm

Key features of collaborative robots:

  • Versatile, Flexible, User Friendly, Lightweight
  • Easy programming – no programming experience required
  • Multiple configurable safety functions
  • Multiple accessories available – grippers, vision systems, screwdrivers

What is a collaborative robot?

There are fImage of AUBO-i5 Collaborative Robotour key elements that define a robot as collaborative. They are:

Safety-rated monitored stop

What the collaborative robot does in the presence of an operator or obstruction – allows for direct operator interaction with the robot system.

Hand-guiding operation

Operator uses a hand-operated device to transmit motion commands or leads robot movement through direct interface.

Speed and separation monitoring

Where the robot speed reduces when an obstruction is detected – operator and robot system may move concurrently in the collaborative work space.

Power and force limiting

Physical contact between the robot system and an operator can occur either intentionally or unintentionally and are limited in energy to not cause operator harm.

Return on Investment

We are using collaborative robots not only for our own product handling requirements where barcode reading or vision inspection is required, but also for a diverse range of automatic handling activities where the safe and cost-effective implementation of a robot provides an exceptionally quick Return on Investment.

Our range of collaborative robots are easy to select, extremely simple to configure and communicate with and quick to install and commission. In addition, because of their collaborative attributes they are able to work with and around humans without the need for expensive and obtrusive safety guarding.


Image of Aubo-i5 Collaborative Robot - factory environment Image of Aubo-i5 Collaborative Robot
Image of Aubo-i5 Collaborative Robot 1

AUBO-i5 Collaborative Robot

– 924mm reach, 5kg payload

More information


Meca500 6 Axis Industrial Robot Arm Demo Case

Meca500 6 axis industrial robot arm Meca500 6 axis robot arm with demo case

Meca500 ‘safe by design’ Ultracompact robot arm

– 260mm reach, 0.5kg payload

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  • Automate tasks up to Aubo-i5 Collaborative Robot 5kg, Reach radius of up to 924mm.
  • Outstanding feature of high 0.05mm position repeatability.
  • Made for Human Centric Agile Manufacturing.
  • Versatile, Flexible, User Friendly, Low Cost and Lightweight.
  • Tasks the Aubo-i5 excels at include; machine tending, polishing, assembly, load/unload.

AUBO-i5 Collaborative Robot Brochure (includes Technical Specification)

AUBO-i5 Collaborative Robot User Manual V4.0

More information

  • Automate micropositioning taks and delicate manipulations, 0.005mm position repeatability.Meca500 6 axis industrial robot arm
  • Payload of 0.5kg, reach radius of 260mm.
  • Makes optimal use of a confined space, smallest footprint.
  • Easy to integrate, simple communication protocol.
  • Tasks the Meca500 excels at include; inspection and testing, material handling, micro assembly, precision insertion, gluing and dispensing, additive manufacturing.

Meca500 Ultracompact Robot Arm Brochure (includes Technical Specification)

Meca500 Ultracompact Robot Arm User Manual

More information

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