End of Line Packaging Validation and Verification End of Line Packaging Validation and Verification

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Within the Food, Drink and Tobacco industry, retailers are becoming more and more stringent about their suppliers meeting correct packaging specification criteria. The result of incorrect labelling can result in poor customer satisfaction at best – at worst, hefty fines or Emergency Product Withdrawals (EPW).

Acrovision has created a suite of in-line Package and Label Inspection Systems to monitor and control production lines to ensure 100% correct product in the correct packaging with the correct data.

The family of Validator’s has been created so that we can offer a cost-effective solution more or less “off-the-shelf”. Our experience shows that manufacturers have the need to check the following aspects of their end of line packaging:

Correct and Readable Barcode

Correct and Readable Batch Code / Serial Number / etc

Label Applied and in Correct Position / Alignment

Consecutive No Reads

Depending on what level of validation you need, we have a range of systems to suit:

Validator 100In-line Barcode Validation System

Correct Barcode

Missing Barcode

100% Inspection                  


Validator 300 – In-line Barcode Validation & Verification System

Correct Barcode                  

Missing Barcode


Quality Indication

100% Inspection

Validator 500 – In-line Barcode & Print Validation System

Correct Barcode

Missing Barcode 

Barcode Quality Inspection

Batch/Date Code Inspection

Label positioning

Printer Control

As well as monitoring and reporting the aspects of the labels / packaging we can also provide:

Simultaneous Control of Line Printers

Visual and Audible Indicators

Reject Mechanisms

Modular Conveying Systems

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Audit and Performance Logs

We can either provide a Validator as a stand-alone single system or offer a complete networked array of systems on multiple lines, controlled by a central location.

 The Validator family has been designed for packaging / production lines in Food Drink & Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare, Beauty Products, Household Goods etc.

It has been designed to be easy to select, easy to install and easy to operate.

Our range of Validator’s meet all your End of Line Compliance needs


Acrovision Validator Video

Acrovision Validator Video

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Cognex Food & Drink Video

Cognex Food & Beverage Application Guide

Cognex Food & Beverage Application Guide

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