Laser Markers

A full range of Laser Markers for every application and material

Providing solutions, for example, for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical devices
  • High precision metal manufacturing


Image of Laser Markers - UNIQ

Image of Laser Markers - AREX

 UNIQ – the first ultra compact, all in one fiber laser marker

 AREX – the market reference for fiber laser marker

 Image of Laser Markers - ULYXE Family

 Image of Laser Markers - V-Lase

ULYXE FAMILY – the first ultra-compact solid state laser marker on the market

 V-LASE – high peak power laser markers for thermoplastic materials and resin

 Image of Laser Markers - EOX

Image of Lighter Suite - laser markers software

 EOX – general purpose CO2 laser markers for paper, cartons and organic materials

 LIGHTER SUITE – the complete sofware solution for all your laser marking needs