Zebra Data Capture Solutions

Zebra DataCapture DNA

Your scanning needs don’t stop after you buy a scanner. You’re still tasked with integrating and managing them, as well as making them useful for your employees. That’s why we’ve embedded our scanners with DataCapture DNA. This intelligent suite of software, applications and utilities strips away all the complexity at every step, lowering your total cost of ownership from integration to management to usage.

Zebra Data Capture Solutions


Zebra General Purpose Scanners

Data capture for every worker and environment

Jobs may differ, but workers’ needs remain the same: split-second, fail-proof, error-proof scanning. Give them scanners made to increase productivity, no matter what their environment or challenge.

DS2200 Series Handheld 1D/2D Scanner

DS2200 Series Handheld Scanner

DS4600 Series Handheld 1D/2D Scanner

DS4600 Series Handheld Scanner

DS8100 Series Handheld 1D/2D Scanner

DS8100 Series Handheld Scanner

DS9900 Series Hybrid Handheld/ Hands-Free 1D/2D Scanner

DS9900 Series Hybrid Handheld Scanner

DS9300 Series Hands-Free 1D/2D Scanner

DS9300 Series Hands-Free Scanner

CS4070 Companion 1D/2D Scanner

CS4070 Companion Scanner

Zebra General Purpose ScannersZebra Healthcare scanners

Zebra’s advanced healthcare scanners help redefine patient care

In healthcare, there’s no room for error. Zebra’s scanners simplify caregivers’ interactions with their patients. Scanning applications, though routine in nature to the caregivers, help prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase productivity. With imaging technology automating many of the caregivers’ administrative requirements, caregivers can focus on the needs of the patient.

DS4600 Series for Healthcare 1D/2D Scanner

DS4600 Series for Healthcare Scanner

DS9900 Series Hybrid 1D/2D Scanner for Labs

DS9900 Series Hybrid Scanner for Labs

DS8100 Series for Healthcare 1D/2D Scanner

DS8100 Series for Healthcare Scanner

Zebra Speciality Scanners

Scanners that know your business

Our product design team work alongside customers like you, observing how they use scanners in warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing plants. From our rich insights, we designed scanners build to elevate your performance.

Zebra Speciality Scanners

3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanner

3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanner

DS457 Fixed Mount 1D/2D Scanner

DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner

DS7708 Single-Pane 1D/2D Scanner

DS7708 Single-Pane Scanner

MP7000 Multi-Plane 1D/2D Scanner

MP7000 Multi-Plane Scanner

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