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Stand alone, 100% checks your barcode is correct & readable

Validator 100 Printer Label Inspection System

Responding quickly and efficiently to any problems with food and drink products you use or sell is an important part of managing food safety within your business. There are a number of reasons that a product might be withdrawn or recalled, also known as EPWs (Emergency Product Withdrawals). For example, it could have been wrongly labelled, which can be a huge problem for people with food allergies – thankfully due to Acrovision’s Validator range;  these systems can be integrated as a preventive end of line inspection measure.

The Validator 100-Print is a complete standalone printer label inspection system offering 100% checking of barcodes, provides real statistics and can show images of the last image and last reject image. Designed to work on your desktop printer to 100% check all printed labels!

To enhance the solution provided, in addition to the monitoring and reporting, Acrovision can also provide modular conveying systems, stainless steel enclosures, audit and performance logs, visual and audible indicators as well as reject mechanisms.


Image for Validator 100-print

100% inspection of:

Printer Label Inspection

  • Complete stand-alone system
  • 100% check of barcode number and readability
  • No read / wrong code output
  • Integration to desktop printer

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