Validator 100 Label Inspection System

Validator 100

The Validator 100 Label Inspection System, is an End of Line Packaging Validation System.  It will 100% check your barcode is correct and readable and is a stand alone system. Not only can it validate correct and readable barcodes, but gives the user options of how the ‘master’ barcode is taught. The Validator 100 can be taught by a separate handheld barcode reader from a ‘menu sheet’, or from a simple press button mechanism, or even via a touchscreen PC, which then gives the user the ability to look at the images in real time and see ongoing performance statistics. The Validator 100 can guarantee you 3 things:

  1. Correct Barcode
  2. Missing Barcode
  3. 100% Inspection

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  • 100-P Push button Entry

    100-P Push button Entry

    • Complete Standalone System
    • Push button “press to teach” set-up
    • No Read / Wrong Read Output
    • Simple Installation

  • 100-B Barcode Entry

    100-B Barcode Entry

    • Simple Hand-held scan entry
    • Complete Standalone System
    • No Read / Wrong Read Output
    • Simple Installation

  • 100-T Touchscreen Entry

    100-T Touchscreen Entry

    • Complete Standalaone System
    • Dedicated Touchscreen PC / HMI
    • Enter Barcode Number or Select Product from Database
    • Live Image of Good and Bad Items
    • Real-time on-screen statistics

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