Cognex’s SurfaceFX tool

Introducing SurfaceFX – seeing things other cameras cannot see!

Applications for the SurfaceFX include:
• Detecting small surface defects
• Showing up engraved, embossed, stamped items
• Removing ambient light, glare etc.

Image to show Before and After affect of Cognex's SurfaceFX Tool

Photometric Stereo

  • Uses surface reflections/shadows from different angled lights, to determine the surface structure
  • Combines images from different light sources to create result
  • Cognex In-Sight Camera
  • SurfaceFX tool
  • Quadrant controlled light
  • Lighting Controller (Sync light + image acquisition)

  1. Dented Bearing
  2. Defect Coffee Creamer
  3. Code on Shampoo Boittle
  4. Shiny Coins
  5. Embossed Characters
  6. Indented Characters

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