Surgical Instrument Reader

Newland’s NVF260 Surgical Instrument Reader

Newland’s NVF260 Surgical Instrument ReaderNewlands NVF260 Surgical Reader

Introducing the new high speed decoding surgical reader for the Healthcare, Industrial and Manufaturing markets.  The NVF260 reads a 1D or 2D barcode by capturing its image and allows swift readability and data export. Also, with the new generation of industrial decoding algorithm, it has strong decoding ability for DPM barcodes. In addition, it provides blue diffuse ring lights which can meet reflection metal materials.

Features of the NVF260

  • Excellent DPM Decoding Capability
  • Advanced Illumination system
  • High-Resolution image sensor
  • High Protection Industrial Structure Design

Impressive Image Sensor

With a 1280×800 megapixel imager, the NVF260 can decode up to 3 millimetre barcodes.

Industrial Housing

Built with an IP64 housing, the NVF260 easily resists water and dust. The medical grade housing is also able to be sterilised without alcohol damage.

NVF260 Surgical Instrument Reader

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