Sort inbound packages for efficiency throughout the logistics warehouse

Inbound logistics is the receiving and processing of packages that enter a warehouse through the dock doors. From the moment a product comes into the logistics warehouse, it needs to be scanned, tracked, and sorted properly to ensure accurate inventory management, proper material handling, and an efficient supply chain. If an item is missorted or a barcode on an item is not read during the inbound logistics process, it can result in costly manual rework. Examples of inbound logistics applications include automated inbound receiving, inbound item categorization, manifest verification, pallet scanning, and printing and applying internal tracking labels.

Using high-performance, image-based barcode readers and machine vision solutions for inbound logistics helps move incoming products faster and ensures traceability as they move through the warehouse. Generating an image as each barcode is read is key to ensuring that every code is read accurately and misreads or no-reads are prevented. Advanced data and analytics from these devices help warehouses gain real-time insights into performance trends and device management.