Hands-Free Barcode Reading Features

Hands-free barcode reading solutions enable operators to scan packages without picking up and putting down a handheld reader. Made up of DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers, these solutions enable workers to process more packages per day due to ease of use, high read rates, and ergonomic safety.

  • Maximize productivity and throughput
  • Enhance safety, ergonomics, and user experience
  • Easy installation and deployment with flexible communication

Maximum productivity and throughput

Hands-free barcode reading gives operators the freedom to read barcodes on packages more quickly, without the extra time required to use a handheld scanner. This allows them to be more productive and process more parcels per day. Customers have decreased manual package processing times by 60% with hands-free scanning.

Enhanced safety, ergonomics, and user experience

Operators can scan packages in one fluid motion by aiming in the correct position to capture the barcode. Hands-free scanning is a safer, more ergonomic method that reduces the repetitive motion that can result in workplace injuries . Companies have seen associate safety risks decrease nearly 50% with the hands-free method.

Easy installation and deployment

Hands-free barcode readers can be mounted and placed overhead in any area of your facility. Once installed, they are easy to maintain and avoid wear and tear since they are not being repeatedly handled.

Key Applications

Inbound dock door

Verify incoming freight matches the manifest

Pick and pack during order fulfillment

Improve pick times and order accuracy

Palletizing outbound shipments

Build pallets faster and increase overall truck loading efficiency

Outbound scanning

Load trucks faster, while increasing traceability and reducing manual handling

Handheld Barcode Reading Hands-Free Barcode Reading Vision Tunnels
Throughput Yes Yes Yes
Traceability Yes Yes Yes
Performance feedback on no reads Yes Yes
Operator required Yes Yes