Roland MPX-90M Desktop Impact Printer

New Marking Device Ensures Easy Tracking and Traceability of Your Medical Instruments

The MPX-90M impact printer marks two-dimensional DataMatrix barcodes as small as 1 mm on a wide variety of medical instruments and tools. This proven technology imprints unique device identification (UDI) numbers quickly and affordably, allowing for easy tracking and traceability and resulting in better patient safety. In addition to 2D DataMatrix barcodes, the MPX-90M is capable of imprinting numbers, text, logos and graphics on virtually any metal surface. Designed for ease of use, it comes with its own software for producing precise, durable imprints that remain readable throughout the product lifecycle.



 High Speed Marking with Roland’s Dot Impact Technology

The MPX-90M uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus to directly imprint on titanium, stainless steel and other hard metals. Engineered for speed and precision, the MPX-90M
can quickly imprint 26 digits of information inside an area as small as one square millimeter.



Compact and Easy to Use

Set up is easy with the Included Vise and Built-in Laser Pointer.

With the MPX-90M, no special training is required. The included METAZAStudio software instantly converts your numerical data to 2D DataMatrix barcodes that meet GS1 and other 2D DataMatrix formats. Getting started is as simple as firmly securing the item to be marked in the included vise, and then using the built-in laser pointer to locate the centre of the material to ensure the graphic is imprinted accurately.


Dedicated Software Marks 2D DataMatrix Barcodes, Texts and Logo’s to identify and Brand Images

METAZA Studio includes a 2D DataMatrix barcode feature.
To create a unique barcode, simply select the barcode icon from the METAZAStudio’s main screen and enter the appropriate UDI numbers. The software does the rest, creating a 2D DataMatrix barcode that can be output using the MPX-90M. METAZAStudio also imports CSV files for variable data printing. This allows you to quickly and easily add a unique 2D DataMatrix barcode to each device in a series. Support for jpg, bmp and Adobe Illustrator 8 file formats allow you to import logos and other custom branding elements as well.

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MPX-90M printer

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