UNIQ Laser Marker

UniQ – Compact, Powerful, Reliable

Image of Laser Marker UNIQWe are able to assist with a comprehensive product range of Datalogic Laser Markers. Providing marking solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Semiconductor, Plastic and Polymer Processing, Watches and Jewelry, Metal Tooling, Medical Device and Packaging industries.

Innovative UniQ™ marker

UniQ™ fibre laser marker represents the perfect combination of an high performance fibre laser into a innovative, ultra-compact housing designed to provide an effective solution to the recent request of shorter, smaller production lines, in order to reduce footprint and floor area consumption.

Advanced design

Thanks to its advanced internal design, UniQ™ laser marker does not need any “low-IP grade” external cabinet, controller or power supply, and is totally free from delivery fibre constrains with regard to fibre length or bending radius.

UniQ™ Laser Marker provides all you need for comprehensive and efficient laser marking in one compact, IP54 rated innovative housing that guarantee maximum protection even in harsh factory environments and industrial application.

Lighter Suite

UniQ™ laser marker works seamless with Datalogic’s Lighter Suite, a powerful, quick and intuitive marking software, and it fully compatible with the Datalogic I/O standard interface.

Laser Marker in applicationApplications for UniQ laser marker

Automotive: unmatched performance on metals

• High resolution, excellent contrast with low thermal impact.
• Quick and clear black laser annealing, without cracks damage

Electronics: high contrast marking

• High contrast marking on additivated plastic materials
• High speed coding and branding on industrial electronic devices

Medical and surgical tools permanent and clean

• Contactless and clean Direct Marking Process for Branding and Personalisation
• Instant permanent marking: no drying time, no post processing, no solvent or additive

Precision Mechanics: high precision without mechanical stresses

• Clear and precise annealing even on very small surface
• Resistant to wear, corrosion, solvent, water and UV


• Direct Part Marking (DPM) of Best before date, production date-lot-plant
• Laser Marking of Optical Characters compatible for OCR/OCV


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