Lighter Suite Software

Lighter Suite – the laser marking software suiteImage for Lighter Suite - laser marker software

We are able to assist with a comprehensive product range of Datalogic Laser Markers. Providing marking solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Semiconductor, Plastic and Polymer Processing, Watches and Jewelry, Metal Tooling, Medical Device and Packaging industries.

Ease of integration and use

Thanks to innovative software functions and concepts, Lighter Suite, for all Datalogic laser marking products, sets a new standard in terms of ease of integration and ease of use. Lighter Suite joins advanced editing features with laser setup, laser controls and diagnostic for complete, flexible and ease of use laser marking system control.

Standard PackageImage of the Laser Marker range

Lighter Suite is included in the Standard Package of Datalogic Laser Marking products including the following product families:






Advanced Editing

• Graphical Layout, to easy design any kind of label, logo, text, datamatrix, bar codes
• Property browser concept for fast adjustment of all parameters
• Creates and edits text strings, shapes, logos
• Wide coding library for 1D and 2D code
• Bitmap and vector import and export formats (DXF, DWG, PLT, AI, SVG, BMP, GIF, JPG)
• Filling and hatching of objects and pattern structures with various styles
• Grid array capabilities for IC marking
• Gray tones marking

Automation Capability

• Four independent mechanical axis: : X, Y, Z and R

• User controlled general purpose Inputs and Outputs

• Built-in Marking on the Fly (MOF) capability with MOF Wizard for easy and fast set-up

• Sequential programming through Sequence editor: different control objects to create automation jobs with few click

• Stand-Alone and Master-Slave  mode Lighter Suite allows OEMs and Machine builders to develop a complete, cost effective, Laser Marking Station, based on embedded hardware and software resources, (Stand-Alone mode) or to design an advanced Laser Marking Solution able to control complete machinery over a simple Ethernet connection with supervisor computer (Master-Slave mode).

• Full control both in local and remote mode via Laser Editor GUI:

• Local/Remote laser configuration including MOF Wizard
• Local/Remote laser diagnostic
• Local/Remote I/O and axis control
• Local/Remote Automation Project control

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