Cognex DataMan 8072DL (DPM Lite) Handheld Barcode Reader

Advanced image formation for DPM codes

Cognex DataMan 8072DL Barcode Reader

The DataMan® 8072 DPM Lite (DL) handheld barcode reader delivers powerful barcode reading performance for tough DPM codes on flat, highly reflective surfaces.

It features the latest patented technology and advanced lighting and optics, ideal for automotive, aerospace, and medical device industry applications.

Patented algorithms deliver powerful barcode reading performance

These readers are optimized with powerful algorithms and technologies to read DPM codes in the most demanding industrial environments.

2DMax® with PowerGrid® technology is a breakthrough 2-D decoding algorithm. It is designed to read 2-D codes with significant damage to or complete elimination of a codes pattern, clocking pattern, or quiet zones.

Half-polarized lighting provides advanced image formation

The DataMan 8072DL is a standard-range barcode reader that deciphers codes from up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) away.

This barcode reader has a 1.2-megapixel sensor and half-polarized lighting. This illuminates codes on flat, highly
reflective surfaces to acquire optimal code images.

Robust, modular communications and ease-of-use

No configurations or adjustments are necessary and codes can be read from a distance, without the need to angle the code or part.

Field-interchangeable communication modules easily integrate with factory networks, allowing each reader to be configured to meet specific communication needs. Corded RS-232, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth options are available.

Part Number Format: DMR-8072DL-XXXX

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