Cognex InSight Micro

Cognex InSight Micro Vision Systems Features 

World’s smallest 5MP self-contained vision system

Cognex InSight Micro Vision Systems FeaturesCognex InSight Micro

Cognex InSight Micro is the smallest vision system series at 30mm x 30mm x 60mm. Featuring power over Ethernet (POE), these ultra-compact vision systems are the right option for integrating into small spaces. Starting with the smallest 5MP (megapixel) self-contained vision system – In-Sight Micro vision systems models are available in a range of performance levels and tool sets to meet a diverse array of machine vision demands.

Smallest vision systems
In-Sight Micro compresses an entire self-contained vision system into an amazingly small package measuring just 30mm x 30mm x 60mm—the size of a traditional remote head camera.

The ultra-compact 5MP In-Sight 8405 model features a flexible form factor which can be deployed straight or at a right angle and delivers high-performance vision tools, faster communication speeds, and high resolution in a small package that is ideal for integrating into small spaces where machine space is a premium. Other In-Sight Micro models can be mounted at angles of up to 45-degrees using the In-Sight non-linear calibration tool. These vision systems are ideal for integrating into tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery anywhere on the production line.

A pattern matching breakthrough
PatMax RedLine was designed with one goal in mind: blazing fast pattern matching on the new In-Sight 5MP vision systems, including the In-Sight 8405. In typical applications, PatMax RedLine runs 4 to 7 times faster than PatMax – or  faster! – with no loss of search accuracy or robustness.  Together with PatMax RedLine, the 8405 can reduce cycle times and increase throughput without compromising inspection accuracy.

Unmatched performance and reliability
Every In-Sight Micro vision system model delivers best-in-class performance. Most models are equipped with a full library of proven Cognex vision tools through the easy to use In-Sight Explorer software. These include Pattern Matching (PatMax Redline, PatMax, and PatFind),  Filtering (Grayscale and Color), Color tools (Color ID, True Color Extraction, Color Histogram), Inspect Defects (Surface Flaw, Flex Flaw, Inspect Edge), and ID (1D/2D, OCR).

Easy to deploy and maintain
With the In-Sight EasyBuilder® configuration software that includes scripting functionality to condenses repetitive, complex calculations and logic into a single cell to reduces spreadsheet clutter, even the most powerful vision tools are accessible to users with little vision experience.

For more information on the In-Sight Micro Vision Systems Series and other Cognex Products CONTACT US.

CognexInSightMicro_LensClose CognexIn-Sight-8405-Left CognexIn-Sight-8405-Straight CognexIn-Sight-8405-Hand

In-Sight Micro Vision Systems Models

Featured model
InSightMicoVisionSystems_featuredModelThe In-Sight 8405 is the world’s smallest 5MP (megapixel) self contained vision system. The compact design features Power over Ethernet to minimize cabling and offers high speed communication with Gigabit Ethernet so the In-Sight 8405 truly goes where no vision system has gone before. This model offers a larger field of view than other Micro models, but features high resolution and optimized vision tools to ensure no sacrifice in performance.


In-Sight Micro models at a glance

High resolution applications
When large parts need to be inspected for small defects or precise measurements, turn to the high resolution models for greater accuracy.
Models: 8405, 1402, 1403, 1403C

Standard resolution applications
Offering a range of performance choices, the In-Sight Micro models handle even the highest speed manufacturing lines in the smallest vision system footprint available.
Models:1020, 1050, 1100, 1400

Color applications
If color is a factor, choose a model with the powerful ExtractColor tool to inspect color features of a part and the robust MatchColor tool to recognize parts based on their color.
Models: 1100C, 1400C, 1403C

Barcode reading and OCR applications
These ID models offer unmatched identification software tools for reading and verifying 1-D and 2-D codes (IDMax) as well as human readable text (OCRMax).
Models: 1110, 1410, 1412, 1413

In-Sight Micro Vision Systems Specifications

Characteristics of the entire In-Sight Micro series

SizeMicro: 30mm x 30 mm x 60 mm
8405: 31mm x 31mm x 63mm
HousingMicro: IP52; 8405: IP30
ConnectorsMicro: Industrial M12 and M8 connectors
8405: RJ45 for PoE, M8 for IO
OpticsMicro: C-mount; CS-mount
8405: C-mount
Power over Ethernet (PoE)Yes























In-Sight Micro series model specifications

  • In-Sight 8405   10 Image Capture Rate (FPS),    2592 x 1944 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1500   200 Image Capture Rate (FPS), 800 x 600 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1403C 7.5 Image Capture Rate (FPS), 1600 x 1200 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1403   14 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   1600 x 1200 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1402   60 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   1280 x 1024 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1400C 58 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1400    60 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1100C  58 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1100    60 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1050    60 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1020    60 Image Capture Rate (FPS),   640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)


  • In-Sight 1413 14 Image Capture Rate (FPS), 1600 x 1200 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1412 60 Image Capture Rate (FPS), 1280 x 1024 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1410 60 Image Capture Rate (FPS), 640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)
  • In-Sight 1110 60 Image Capture Rate (FPS), 640 x 480 Resolution (in pixels)


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