Cognex Dataman 8000 Series

The most advanced handheld barcode reader ever

Cognex DataMan 8000 Series

DataMan 8000 Series FeaturesCognex Dataman 150_260

Superior Code Reading Technology 

The rugged DataMan® 8000 series of readers offers the industry’s most advanced technology for reading 1-D and 2-D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface, and is the only industrial handheld barcode reader that offers Industrial Ethernet communication and liquid lens technology.

Optics Technology

The DataMan 8000 series is equipped with patented auto-exposure algorithms and faster image acquisition and was the first industrial handheld barcode reader to offer integrated liquid lens performance. The faster imaging means readers can now be used in a dual focus mode, which allows users to increase the depth of field or to read a wide range of barcode sizes, from very large multi-inch barcodes to tiny 5 mil 2-D Data Matrix codes.

Exclusive Modular Industrial Communications

2-D Code Reading Technology

For 2-D codes, 2DMax+ technology is best-in-class for decoding 2-D matrix symbologies as adopted in many industries for direct part marking (DPM) as well as for high speed printed applications.

1DMax+ Technology with Hotbars

For 1-D barcodes, the 1DMax+ algorithm with Hotbars image-analysis technology gives DataMan 8000 series barcode readers unprecedented performance on damaged or difficult-to-read codes.

The DataMan 8000 series of industrial barcode readers is also the first handheld reader to offer Ethernet communication with Cognex Connect™ capability for easy integration into your factory network for real-time product and part traceability.

Cognex Connect provides the most flexibility for communicating via Industrial Protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, MC Protocol, Modbus TCP and more in addition to traditional support for USB and RS-232.

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DataMan8000 DataMan8000-bottom DataMan8000-front

DataMan 8000 Series Specifications

Corded and cordless barcode scanners for all applications
The DataMan® 8000 series is available in two models, each can be corded or cordless, with proprietary 1DMax+™ with Hotbars™ technology and 2DMax+™ algorithms, liquid lens technology and modular communications capabilities:


DataMan 8500. Designed to decode 2-D DPM codes with near/far integrated LED illumination. The DataMan 8500 readers incorporate Cognex’s patented UltraLight® technology for superior image formation on any mark type and surface. UltraLight illumination provides dark field, bright field and diffuse lighting all in just one electronically controlled light.



DM_8000_Specs_2DataMan 8100. Designed to decode well-printed 1-D and 2-D label-based codes and well-marked DPM codes. The DataMan 8100 includes all of the features of the DataMan 8500 readers as well as bright field illumination. The DataMan 8100 readers are ideal for applications that require superior code reading performance without specialty lighting.



DataMan 8500
DataMan 8100

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