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Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors



Calibrated 3D laser profilers for product inspection

Cognex 3D displacement sensors optimize product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of your products. The sensors are factory calibrated and include industry-leading Cognex machine vision software with powerful 2D and 3D toolsets and a compact, IP65-rated design that withstands even the harshest factory environments. Combined with unique field calibration technology, the Cognex 3D vision provides the highest accuracy data, as well as enabling the simultaneous use of multiple sensors on wide production lines to generate single high resolution 3D images.

Calibrated 3D Vision from CognexCognex Dataman 150_260


Complete 2D and 3D machine vision solution

  • Expanded range of sensor options
  • Bundled with VC5 Controller
  • Easy deployment with Cognex Designer software

Results in real-world units (mm)

  • Calibrated 3D system
  • Micron-level accuracy

Contrast independent inspection

  • Dark object on dark background
  • Independent of color

Ability to combine 3D and 2D cameras

  • Many applications require both

World-class 3D and 2D vision tools

  • Height, volume, plane fitting and cross section tools
  • PatMax®, IDMax® and OCRMax algorithms

World-class 3D and 2D vision tools

  • Height, volume, plane fitting and tilt tools
  • PatMax®, IDMax® and OCRMax algorithms

Industrial IP65 housing

  • IP69K enclosure option for food and beverage applications

Fast scan rates

  • Up to 10KHz

For more information on the In-Sight Micro Vision Systems Series and other Cognex Products CONTACT US.

ds1000_set 925B-Feat-1DS1000_bottom DS1000_singleDS1000_multiple925B-Feat-2

DS1000 Series Models

Near Field of View (mm)43649023.4
Far Field of View (mm)7916241029.1
Clearance Distance (mm)8713518053.5
Measurement Range (mm)7622072525
Laser Class2M2M2M2M
Resolution X (mm)0.059-0.0900.079-0.1810.101-0.4570.0183-0.0227
Resolution Z (mm)0.004-0.0140.010-0.0520.016-0.2650.002



DS100 DS100_CognexCognex_DS100

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