Innovative deep learning software solves complex inspection applications

VisionPro ViDi is the best-in-class deep learning vision software designed specifically for manufacturing. It is a field-tested, optimized, and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set VISIONPRO VIDIof machine learning algorithms. Combining deep learning technology with VisionPro software, VisionPro ViDi solves complex applications that are too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems.

VisionPro ViDi combines a comprehensive machine vision tool library with advanced deep learning tools inside a common development and deployment framework. It simplifies the development of highly variable vision applications.

Flexible programming interface

Through a graphical programming environment, VisionPro ViDi allows engineers to build flexible, highly customized deep learning solutions tailored to their specific needs. By harnessing the power of a Windows-based PC with GPUs, the software can process hundreds of images per minute. Programmers can build end-to-end solutions to suit their individual requirements.

Simplified integration in a common environment

VISIONPRO VIDI 2Users can take advantage of the extensive selection of traditional machine vision tools alongside innovative deep learning tools. VisionPro ViDi provides access to both VisionPro and ViDi toolsets through programmatic integration, as well as through the Cognex Designer graphical development interface. From low-level machine integration to deploying an application-specific HMI using Cognex Designer, VisionPro ViDi provides flexibility in how you develop and integrate the vision inspection to your production environment.

Innovative deep learning tools

VisionPro ViDi provides traditional vision users access to example-based deep learning tools. These tools are optimized for AI inspections in a manufacturing environment and require smaller image sets for quicker training. The user-friendly GUI also provides a simple environment to manage and develop your applications. Choose between Blue-Locate, Red-Analyze, Green-Classify, and Blue-Read tools to solve applications that are too complex for traditional rule-based machine vision approaches.

ViDi Tools

Cognex Deep Learning tools solve complex manufacturing applications that are too difficult or time consuming for rule-based machine vision systems, and too fast for reliable, consistent results with human visual inspection. These tools, available on the VisionPro ViDi and In-Sight platforms, use deep learning algorithms to solve part location, assembly verification, defect detection, classification, and OCR applications.

The ViDi Blue-Locate tool is deep learning image analysis software used in manufacturing for finding complex features and objects within a field of view. ViDi Blue-Locate detects features on noisy backgrounds, in poorly lit environments, on low contrast parts, and even parts that flex or change shape. It locates parts despite variations in perspective, orientation, luminance, glare and color by learning from the samples provided by the user.

Vidi red tool

The ViDi Red-Analyze tool is used to quickly identify defects on complex parts and surfaces. Using a sample set of good images and bad images with labeled defects, ViDi Red-Analyze learns the normal part variation, while creating a comprehensive understanding of the defects.

Vidi green tool

The ViDi Green-Classify tool is a deep learning solution used in manufacturing to distinguish between different types of objects, identify defect types, and even inspect images. Learning from a collection of labeled images, ViDi Green-Classify identifies and sorts products into classes based on their common characteristics such as color, texture, materials, packaging, and defect type.

Vidi blue read tool

The ViDi Blue-Read tool is an image analysis software used in manufacturing to decipher badly deformed, skewed, and poorly etched characters using optical character recognition (OCR). ViDi Blue-Read works right out of the box, dramatically reducing development time, thanks to the deep-learning pretrained font library.

insight vidi tool

In-Sight ViDi is a powerful deep learning software platform designed specifically to solve applications that are too difficult, complex, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems. With an easy-to-use interface, In-Sight ViDi eliminates complex programming, making deep learning technology accessible for non-vision experts, and automates inline inspections previously only possible with human inspectors.