DataMan 580

  • Read more symbologies, faster
  • Improve traceability and assess vendor compliance
  • Streamline integration


Any code, every time

Achieve greater throughput and read rates by incorporating the DataMan 580 into your Cognex Modular Vision Tunnel. Through advanced hardware and intuitive software, the DataMan 580 provides precise multi-symbology reading while supporting high-speed lines and short package gaps.

The DataMan 580 empowers your sortation operations to:

  • Read more symbologies, faster using advanced decoding algorithms optimized for multi-code and multi-symbology labels
  • Boost throughput by running your line at high speeds with short gaps
  • Improve traceability and assess vendor compliance in real time by verifying label dimensions and placement
  • Streamline integration with simple setup and maintenance tools designed for multi-reader systems


Twice the coverage, without the tradeoffs

Simplify and cost-reduce your scanning solutions with optimal coverage across wide conveyors, while acquiring images fast enough to accommodate the highest speed lines. The DataMan 580’s high-resolution 9MP sensor enables greater field-of-view and depth-of-field coverage to support the most demanding sortation applications.




The best image, every time

Conventional linear scanning systems struggle to read packages that have uncontrolled movement or irregular shapes, which can distort images and lower read rates. The DataMan 580’s high resolution area scan sensor ensures optimal images and high read rates, regardless of the material handling environment.


Decode multi-symbology labels with unmatched speed

The DataMan 580 leverages 1D/2D QuickSort™, a proprietary algorithm that empowers Cognex Modular Vision Tunnels to decode up to three times faster than conventional methods by simultaneously reading multiple codes and labels on a package. Conventional readers hinder throughput by requiring more space between each item to accurately read multi-symbology and multi-label packages.



Deploy high-speed sortation, quickly and easily

DataMan 580 barcode readers and designed for the Cognex Modular Vision Tunnel (MVT). Each MVT contains barcode reading modules and hardware components that can be easily modified and scaled to support changing business and application needs. This adaptable system allows you to change reader modules to accommodate different codes, package sizes, or line speeds, as well as add new symbologies.



Easily setup and deploy DataMan 580 with Edge Intelligence

Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI) technology transforms big data into smart data, improving overall equipment effectiveness and throughput. EI allows users to configure multiple devices simultaneously, facilitating immediate system performance monitoring and analysis. The technology informs users when issues occur, allowing operators to identify and resolve root causes faster using powerful analytics and image view tools.



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