ViDi Green-Classify Tool

Classifies objects and scenes in unpredictable and varying conditions

The ViDi Green-Classify tool is a deep learning solution used in manufacturing to distinguish between different types of objects, identify defect types, and even inspect images. Learning from a collection of labeled images, ViDi Green-Classify identifies and sorts products into classes based on their common characteristics such as color, texture, materials, packaging, and defect type.

Classifies visually similar, but different products while tolerating variation

This powerful image analysis software tolerates natural deviation within the same class and reliably distinguishes acceptable variation from different classes. Unlike most deep learning-based software, which require thousands of training images, the Green-Classify tool trains on tens to hundreds of images in just minutes. The training model can be further refined with additional images, directly on the factory floor, until it segments classes perfectly.Vidi Green Classify

Eliminates complicated, time-consuming programming

The ViDi Green-Classify tool solves complex classification tasks very quickly, eliminating complicated and time-consuming programming. The intuitive ViDi interface makes it simple to set up and deploy jobs, directly on the factory floor.

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