ViDi Blue-Locate Tool

Locates complex features and objectsVIDI BLUE-LOCATE TOOL

The ViDi Blue-Locate tool is deep learning image analysis software used in manufacturing for finding complex features and objects within a field of view. ViDi Blue-Locate detects features on noisy backgrounds, in poorly lit environments, on low contrast parts, and even parts that flex or change shape. It locates parts despite variations in perspective, orientation, luminance, glare and color by learning from the samples provided by the user.

Verifies parts and kits are assembled correctly

ViDi Blue-Locate also offers a reliable automated solution for assembly verification. A single tool can be trained to find a variety of components, even if they appear at different angles or vary in size, to create an extensive component library. By creating layouts based on the product being inspected, the tool can check multiple feature locations and components types simultaneously, while adjusting to varying layouts.

Eliminates complicated, time-consuming programming

This powerful tool drastically reduces development time and solves applications that are challenging to program with traditional machine vision. The ViDi Blue-Locate tool’s human-like intelligence reliably locates, verifies, and counts parts in milliseconds.

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