3D Smart Snapshot Sensor

LMI Gocator 3500 Series

LMI Gocator 3500 SeriesGocator 3500

GoCator 3500 Series

High-Resolution 3D Snapshot Sensors

The Gocator 3500 high-resolution structured light 3D snapshot sensors bring metrologygrade performance to the inline factory environment. Be sure to explore all-new Gocator 3504 with an industry-best 6.7 micron XY resolution and 0.2 micron Z repeatability.

  • Fact scan rate (6 Hz with acceleration)
  • 5-megapixel stereo camera minimises occlusions
  • Pick-and-place friendly for robotic/ stationary inspection applications

Gocator 3504Gocator 3506


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