Lighting for ID, Robotics & Machine Vision Applications

Lighting for ID, Robotics & Machine Vision ApplicationsLighting from TPL Vision

Created in 2005, TPL Vision designs and manufactures LED illumination products dedicated to be used in industrial processes where a machine vision camera is used. Our range is specialized in robotics applications, as sorting, pick and place, quality control, code reading, etc.

All TPL Vision’s lights belong to specific product ranges: Bar, Ring, Spot, Dome, Backlight, Specials, all of them available in various colours (wavelengths: from ultraviolet to infrared), and in different IP versions (indication about potential intrusions of liquid or solid bodies).

Designed to answer the most demanding industrial standards, TPL Vision’s products are constantly improved. For example, to cope with dimension challenges, TPL Vision has developed a specific expertise in LED light miniaturization. So, whatever the available space may be, TPL Vision is able to offer an appropriate solution.

For few years, TPL Vision has also been simplifying the use of the illumination : for example, the company has been developing an increasing number of products equipped with their own current control power supplies, that guarantee both the illumination stability and the lifespan: about 50,000 hours.

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TPL Lights

  • High Power Backlight

    High Power Backlight

    • 30% Brightness increase in continuous working
    • Standard M12 5 Pin connector with remote dimming control
    • Cost effective intergration
    • Custom size available in 1cm steps
  • High Power Flat Dome

    High Power Flat Dome

    • 30% Brightness increase in continuous working
    • Standard M12 5 Pin connector with remote dimming control
    • Cost effective intergration
    • Custom size available in 1cm steps
  • EBAR Curve

    EBAR Curve

    • High Power LED solution
    • Achieve the best balance between brightness and homogeneity
    • Curve effect reduces the saturated light sport in the centre of FOVs.
    • Achieve uniform illumination across the FOV.
  • Modular Ringlights

    Modular Ringlights

    • 4 Quadrants
    • Controllable, bi-colour LED lighting ring
    • Range of interchangeable accessories
    • 2 sizes: 80mm and 130mm
  • The SMALL SDOME II Light

    The SMALL SDOME II Light

    • Homogeneous Lighting
    • Clips to reduce the aiming window
    • 2 sizes: 80mm and 130mm
    • Ideal for 1D and 2D codes
    • Compliant with Industrial Standards




    The Backlight BLBAR+ is a powerful illumination solution, equipped with an opaque diffuser, for a perfect diffusion of the light (3 versions).

    The Backlight BLBAR+ is a very powerful lighting solution, equipped with an opaque diffuser, that offers a perfect diffusion of the light on the whole surface, included on the edges. No hot spot to be noticed ! It’s the best camera’s partner for Web Inspection applications. The Backlight BLBAR+ is usually used as a traditional backlight, to make the workpieces shapes appear thanks to shadow puppet effects, but it can also be used as a direct diffuse light.

    Its black structure enables a good LED heat dissipation. The Backlight BLBAR+ is IP65 by default. 2 LED indicators near the connector show if the product is powered. As any other TPL Vision’s bars, you will also appreciate its solid aluminum structure and its easy fixing.



    The Essential EBAR+ is a highly powerful LED light, very useful for machine vision applications requiring intense luminous flux. It can be set up downwards, in the same axis as the camera’s, or with an angle of incidence, to perfectly illuminate rectangular areas on a production line. The Essential EBAR+ is very easy to use: you don’t have to adjust anything, only to plug it. There are 2 functioning modes: continuous and strobe, with very short rising and falling times (15 μs and 10 μs).

    Its black aluminum structure, very robust, is IP65. It also helps to dissipate the heat generated by the LED. Moreover, 2 LED indicators near the connector show if the product is powered. Available in different colours (included IR and UV), the Essential EBAR+ exist in multiple lengths, from 17 cm to 1m30.



    The Modular bar light with angle changers features white, red, or blue LED illumination and the ability to convert its lenses into narrow, medium, wide, or line light options using angle changers that use an easy-to-use spring design for secure positioning. A black-out angle changer can effectively reduce the size of the bar. All of these features combined enable simplified feasibility testing for new applications.

    The Modular M-EBAR won the Silver Innovators Award 2021.




    The MR-RING is a bi-colour LED illumination, available in 2 sets of colours and 2 dimensions. It has been designed with tough production environments in mind: IP65 as standard, overdrive embedded, simple remote control capability (selection of colours and quadrants).



    The HPRING is a solid ring, equipped with 12 high powerful leds, very useful for the directive lighting of a circular area. Among TPL Vision’s products range, it definitely appears to be one of the most powerful lightings.  At a distance of 1m, the standard version of the HPRING can light up a circular area of 550mm.

    Its large internal diameter make it compatible with the largest camera’s objectives. The HPRING reveals all its potential in the field of robotics (for example, to locate the products during the packaging process) and also in the field of quality control.



    Equipped with 9 high powerful leds, the TRING is a miniature ring specially designed for the diffuse lighting of circular areas. It has a current control power supply that regulates the current intensity and consequently guarantees the lighting stability.

    Thanks to its M12 connector, it can be easily connected to any kind of production lines. Either in continuous or in strobe mode, the TRING perfectly goes along with a camera dedicated to quality control tasks: code reading, presence/absence checking, surface control…


  • TSPOT 1

    TSPOT 1

    The TSPOT 1 is a very powerful compact spot light. It belongs to TPL Vision’s ‘easy-to-use’ product family ; it is easy to configure through the use of an integral current controller.

    Its powerful direct light enables controls in confined spaces. It can be made in very high production volumes. Everything in the TSPOT 1 has been built and optimised for simple and efficient use.

  • TSPOT 4

    TSPOT 4

    The TSPOT 4highly powerful, is your camera’s best partner to get an optimized control, in continuous or strobe mode. The TSPOT 4 is very easy to set up and quite autonomous, since it gets its own power supply with current control.

    Moreover, the fixing stirrup helps to orientate the lighting, in direct or darkfield ways. This spot is really appropriate wherever space is a real constraint. Either in directive intense lighting or in diffuse lighting, its 4 leds fit the highest paces of work.

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