Should we be afraid of collaborative robots?

Image of Aubo-i5 Collaborative RobotTechnology is what man invents to modify nature and to gain a notion of power.

As a millennial, technology is growing at such a fast pace that even I can barely keep up.  The rapid evolution of technology in the 21st century is occurring in all industry markets, meaning companies have a growing need for automating their business. However, rather than erasing the human footprint entirely, why not introduce a method where technology evolves in parallel with human ability?

This brings me to the new generation of developed Collaborative Robots – or as I like to call them, ‘Co-Bots’.  Co-Bots are the future for industrial automation, from automotive and aerospace industries to food and drink markets, as well as the logistics market. The limits are endless as these robots are adaptable to their work environment. These types of robots can complete high repeatability and dangerous tasks, reducing the risk to human injury or even death!

Co-bots will effectively be an extension to the operators, inducing maximum proficiency and productivity. Not only will they withstand the test of time, but having the ability to work collaboratively with humans in the same workspace, will harness the creativity capacities and problem solving as well as the high repeatability and precision of robotics.

With the integration of robots in the workplace, this will liberate people from monotonous, mundane tasks and rather than replacing employees, robots will work alongside their human compatriots to make their work easier.

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