Introducing the AUBO-i10 Collaborative Robot

Acrovision are pleased to introduce the new AUBO-i10 robotic arm with a 10KG payload by AUBO Robotics!

The AUBO collaborative robots are known for their precision, speed, flexibility and ease of redistribution in an automation environment.

The newly introduced AUBO i10 is currently available worldwide with the rest of Cobot family, the AUBO-i3 and and AUBO-i7, to be launched in the first quarter of 2019!

The AUBO-i10 is a low cost, high precision collaborative robot that is game changer within the global manufacturing market. It is still relatively small in size and a lightweight design, which increases its versatility and makes it ideal for mounting on most surfaces, effectively saving space.

The AUBO-i10, along with the whole AUBO Cobot family, encompass the following benefits, providing you the all-in-one solution:

  • Efficiency: The increase in speed can improve production capacity and compensate for the loss of time caused by manual work.
  • Accuracy: Precision can reduce the cost of production and increase profit margins.
  • Convenience: The small size and lightweight exterior allows for the redeployment and easy integration within most machinery plants.
  • Easy operation: The robot provides a simple operating system that allows workers to quickly implement an application task without previous programming experience.
  • Security: The force feedback system provides reliable security for human-machine cooperation.
  • Price: Rapid ROI (Return on Investment) and low acquisition costs.

Cobots are already operational and here are a few ways they are currently deployed:

  • Ford Fiesta Plant – In Cologne Germany, cobots are teaming up with the Ford factory workers on their assembly lines to install shock absorbers on cars.
  • Amazon Fulfillment Center – Cobots deliver shelves of merchandise to Amazon staff to prepare for shipment. It only takes 15 minutes to complete an order that used to take an hour!
  • Online supermarket Ocado – Similar to how Amazon uses Cobots, the human pickers pack the order in one place while the cobots are on the move picking up the products for them.

For more information on the AUBO-i10, please click HERE.

Acrovision can also provide the expertise required to easily integrate a vision system into the robot’s operation.

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