The power of In-Sight 7000 and 8000 Series – with colour!

Image of Cognex In-Sight 8000 colour and grayscaleCognex has released In-Sight 7000 and 8000 series colour vision systems

The new IP67-rated 7000 colour vision systems deliver the same breakthrough in modularity, flexibility and performance as the 7000 monochrome models.

And when mounting inside of a space constrained machine or on a robot arm is required, the compact, low weight 8000 series colour vision systems pack a tremendous amount of performance inside of a small enclosure.

Both the In-Sight 7000 and 8000 series colour vision systems are available in VGA/SVGA (software configurable), 1.3MP and 2MP resolutions and two processing speeds.

All new colour models have the same tools and features as their monochrome counterparts, plus the following colour tools:

  • Colour ID (MatchColour) for identifying and/or verifying trained colors from a library of colours
  • Colour Blob and Colour Model (ExtractColour) to identify a group of colours (models); to verify the total model area (pixel counting); and to verify presence/absence of a colour model from a trained library of models
  • ExtractColourHistogram to provide colour components (RGB, and HSI) for further analysis
  • Colour Processing which includes Colour to Greyscale image conversion using any of the colour planes (R, G, B, H, S, I); Colour to Binary image conversion; and twelve “true colour” filters.

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