How Collaborative Robots, Cobots, are revolutionising Vision Systems

We have expanded our automation solutions to include collaborative robots (cobots)

Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, making automation easier than ever before for all businesses.

At a price unrivalled by any other robot in its class, we’re the sole UK distributor of the AUBO-i5 cobot, from American/Chinese firm AUBO Robotics. The AUBO-i5 is an advanced, human friendly collaborative Cobots, collaborative robotsrobot providing solutions for the small and medium manufacturing sectors.

And we’re beginning to see that cobots are having quite the revolutionary effect on vision systems.

Safe and cost-effective solution

Integrating cobots into vision applications is providing a safe and cost-effective solution in many instances, where the product handling is an issue or prohibitively expensive.

The key advantage of using cobots is that as well as being very easy to program, they are also inherently safe to work with and alongside humans, (subject to risk assessment). No longer the need for expensive safety guarding requirements.


Applications include providing the robot with x-y co-ordinates for “pick-and-place”. The camera is either fixed to the robot or positioned above the item(s) to be picked. With the advent of recent vision algorithm improvements, ‘messy picking’ as it is sometimes called, has now become more reliable.

Another vision/cobot application is where the robot needs to be guided to a particular location, with the camera attached to it.

The use of a robot with a vision system could dramatically reduce the cost of the overall project.

Consider the use of a single cobot with a single camera to carry out multiple tasks one after another. Of course, cycle time needs to be taken into account, but due to the reducing price of such robots, the overall cost could now be far lower.

When an application requires a 2D or 3D vision system and either the camera or the part needs to be moved. Why not do it with a collaborative ‘friend’?

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