Collaborative Lightweight Robots

High Accuracy @ Low Cost!

AUBO Robots work closely within the human environment without the need for safety equipment, depending on risk assessment.

We are using collaborative robots not only for our own product handling requirements where barcode reading or vision inspection is required, but also for a diverse range of automatic handling activities where the safe and cost-effective implementation of a robot provides an exceptionally quick Return on Investment.

Our range of collaborative robots are easy to select, extremely simple to configure and communicate with and quick to install and commission. In addition, because of their collaborative attributes they are able to work with and around humans without the need for expensive and obtrusive safety guarding.

  • Quick Set-up and Re-deployment
  • Highest Repeatability
  • Easy Programming – no experience required
  • Safe to work alongside humans
  • Integration of Vision Systems
  • Multiple Safety Functions
  • Hand Guiding Function
  • Lightweight, Flexible and Fast
AUBO Cobots range
AUBO Cobots range


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