Cognex DataMan 8600 handheld barcode reader with PowerGrid technology

Cognex DataMan 8600 provides barcode reading technology for codes of varying quality

Cognex DataMan 8600 effectively reads DPM codesCognex DataMan 8600 image-based handheld barcode readers now come equipped with PowerGrid technology. With this new feature, these lightweight, rugged handheld readers quickly and reliably read 2D printed or DPM codes with:

  • Significant damage
  • Obstructed finder patterns
  • Missing clocking patterns
  • Insufficient quiet zones

Combining texture and shape for excellent 2-D code reading

Image to illustrate PowerGrid technologyIn the same way an animal can be identified by its outline and markings, PowerGrid technology uses shape and texture to successfully read 2D codes even with missing finder and clocking patterns or quiet zone violations.

This whitepaper explains how Cognex’s unique symbol-decoding algorithms significantly improve read rates for DataMatrix codes that are gaining popularity in automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging and logistics applications.

More information about the Cognex DataMan 8600 series

Cognex DataMan 8600 Datasheet

Cognex DataMan 8600 Quick Reference Guide

Cognex PowerGrid Whitepaper

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