Acrovision grows Team due to PC Vision growth

Acrovision grows Application Team on the back of PC Vision growth                   

Acrovision are pleased to announce the recruitment of an additional Programming Application Engineer to their existing 5-strong Vision Application team.

With the increase in interest in PC Vision based applications and with particular growth in AI / “Deep Learning” inspections, Acrovision has had to expand it’s skillset to include true programming capabilities as opposed to Smart Camera configuration skills.

Another aspect for bringing a second “Programmer” into the team was to cater for the growing requirement of providing a full “Turnkey” offering to customers. In addition to the Vision Inspection side of things, a user-friendly front-end is often required to feed back line-local images and statistics of current inspection runs. This front-end can also allow the user to quickly and simply make line-based decisions or easily change batch-run criteria.

As well as front-end activity Acrovision also provides back-end programming / support in order to offer seamless integration to the customers host. This could be a server / host computer / web-based services / printers / PLC’s etc.

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