Acrovision breaks the price barrier of Collaborative Robots in the UK!

Image of AUBO-i5 Collaborative RobotAt a price unrivaled by any other robot in its class, Acrovision are the first and sole UK distributor of the AUBO-i5 collaborative robot, from the American/Chinese firm AUBO Robotics

The AUBO-i5 is an advanced, human friendly collaborative robot providing solutions for the small and medium manufacturing sectors.

The AUBO-i5 collaborative robot has a 5kg payload and a 924mm reach, it is extremely simple to install and commission and quick to configure. The AUBO-i5 works closely within the human environment, subject to a risk assessment undertaken, without safety equipment or obtrusive safety guarding.

With a high ±0.05mm position repeatability that makes it suitable for precision tasks, the AUBO-i5 is a lightweight (just 24kg), versatile, flexible, robot which has been designed with user friendly functions. The AUBO-i5 can be programmed to perform a diverse range of automatic handling activities, where the implementation of a low cost complete robot system provides an exceptionally quick Return on Investment.

The robot has a ‘Guide to teach’ function that enables quick and easy programming (no programming skills needed). The AUBO i5 design’s safety features include the power and force limiting protective stop – the robot arm stops if limits are exceeded or a collision is detected.

The AUBO-i5 can easily be integrated into existing production systems and it is possible to re-purpose, re-deploy and or re-invent applications with the same robot.

Acrovision can also provide the expertise required to easily integrate a vision system into the robot’s operation.

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