Accurate identification of part marks

Across the global automotive manufacturing industry, the identification of part marks has become extremely important, with the need for a complete traceability system

Image of exhausts - part marksWe helped with an accurate solution for car exhaust supplier Tenneco Walker. Each part has a DAM (reference) and impact marked model number (part marks).

We provided Tenneco with a camera vision system that checks the required information on all the parts (part marks) and enhances readability and accuracy.

We had recognised the potential issues of reading etched codes on challenging surfaces, in this case a a reflective surface and a cylindrical form.

We used a combination of Cognex camera models and specified the relevant lighting techniques to check that all components on exhausts were marked correctly.

High read rate successImage showing display of live images of the camera inspections

  • Cognex Vision View 900 HMI – displays live images of the camera inspections
  • Extremely high first read rate success – across all part mark inspection systems

Richard Burrows at Tenneco commented, “Acrovision are a key partner for Tenneco UK regarding vision verification and part checking processes.

“Acrovision could not only provide us with solutions to match the complexity of our products, but they also worked with our engineers to understand our products in much greater detail.”


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