Doosan Collaborative Robot – M1013

M1013 doosan robotics

M1013 collaborative robot

Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robots are versatile, safe, easy-to-use and install, and competitively-priced. The cobot range won the prestigious REDDOT award for product design in 2017 and 2018.

The multi-purpose M1013 has a 10kg payload capacity and a 1.3metre reach radius, and is designed for a wide range of operations.

The cobot has a 6-axis articulated arm with highly-sensitive torque sensors that detect any change in force or pressure that cause it to stop.

The cobot is supplied with a state-of-the-art controller and teaching pendant, and can be installed on the floor, ceiling or wall.

Key Features

m1013 doosan collaborative robot key features

Basic Components

m1013 doosan collaborative robot basic components

M-Series Options

m1013 doosan collaborative robot colours

Direct Teaching Button

m1013 doosan collaborative robot direct teaching button

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