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Cognex Food & Beverage Applications

The Right Choice for Food and Beverage Applications

Cognex vision technology helps companies improve their manufacturing quality and performance by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and tracking and capturing information at every stage of the production process. Smarter automation using Cognex vision and ID systems means fewer production errors, which equates to lower manufacturing costs and higher customer satisfaction. Allergen management, product quality, assembly verification, packaging inspection and full traceability are all key issues for every manufacturing engineer and manager. Cognex has the widest range of solutions to all these applications, including advanced vision systems in stainless steel, color identification systems, inspection sensors and high performance 1-D and 2-D barcode readers.

The Cognex Product Family

Vision Systems – Rugged systems provide easy-to-use interface for configuring applications in a fully integrated package. In-Sight® vision systems are ideal for inspection, text verification, and track and trace.  A wide range of models, including line scan and color systems, meet all price and performance requirements.

Vision Software – A library of powerful vision tools allows complete flexibility in choice of cameras, frame grabbers, and other peripherals. VisionPro® software combines the power and adaptability of advanced programming with the simplicity of a graphical programming environment. 

Vision Sensors – Easy, affordable sensors replace photoelectric sensors for more reliable inspection and part detection. Checker® vision sensors succeed where traditional sensors fail, and allow multiple inspections with a single device.

Fixed-Mount Industrial ID Readers – DataMan® readers offer the smallest size and highest performance in direct part mark and high-speed code reading applications. Reading everything from simple barcodes, the most challenging 2-D codes, DataMan readers are equipped with autofocus and ethernet capability for ease of networking to factory platforms.

Handheld Industrial ID Readers – DataMan offers the widest range of industrial handheld readers in the industry. Innovative lighting, image acquisition, and code reading capabilities provide the most reliable reading of virtually any code on any surface.

Code Verifiers – Handheld and fixed-mount DataMan verifiers are easy-to-use, reliable, and enable accurate evaluation of code quality to ensure the highest read rates through production and the supply chain.

Download the Cognex Food & Beverage Application Guide
Cognex Food & Beverage Application Guide

Cognex Food & Beverage Application Guide

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Cognex Food & Drink Video

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